Grants Awarded

Soccer equipment

This grant has helped develop a greater sense of responsibility within Ricardo and his friends. They are totally in charge of caring for the soccer equipment and making sure it is respected by other students who may also use it at recess. Ricardo and his friends have become leaders on the playground. This has been a great learning experience to teach other students about grants and other opportunities that are available to diverse students! Ricardo is so happy and grateful for your support.
Teacher of Ricardo
3rd Grade

Swimming classes

The grant helped Tran connect to her community. She has new friends at the pool. Without the grant support, Tran would have been bored at home after school. Now she feels excited to go swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Teacher of Tran
9th Grade

LEGO robotics supplies

I think this helped me be more creative. It made me realize that I want to be an engineer. It inspired me to join AVID to pursue this career and learn more.

5th Grade

School supplies

The grant helped my daughter ... enjoy her math classes and she felt support(ed) by the community.

Parent of Huizhen
12th Grade

Dance and gymnastics classes

My experience in the classes of hip-hop and gymnastics is that I got new friends. It change(d) my life because I got help in things that I like.

5th Grade

Boxing classes

[The classes] helped me distract myself and didn’t feel stressed out anymore. I was able to be more social towards other people.

11th Grade

School supplies

This grant has given me supplies that I would have never been able to afford. These items have made school a much more enjoyable experience for me. The calculator has made my life within my math class a lot easier. My new backpack is just flat out amazing, it’s carrying ALL of my supplies and saving me trips to my locker.

10th Grade

Art and soccer classes

The grant meant a lot to me because it has opened me to new opportunity by helping me feel more confident about my art skills and soccer skills.

8th Grade

Camera equipment

This grant will allow me to develop my skill. I have a dream to become a professional photographer and I don’t really have a money to pay myself for a camera to improve my skill.

12th grade

Books and English resources

This grant [for books to read at home] will grant me the opportunity to extend my knowledge of English. I can have an equal opportunity when it comes to knowing the English language. I can have better conversation with my classmates and teachers, such as talking about music or having a stable conversation and that everything can be coherent. Before, I didn't have books to practice and learn to read my English.

11th grade

Math tutoring

With this grant, I will go attend a math program where they will teach me math skills by deepening ability and understanding. Now is the perfect time for me to have tutoring in math in preparation to excel in middle school, high school, and throughout life. I do hope my Math overall score will increase to Standard Met (Level 3) by Sept. 2018.

6th grade

Art supplies 

This grant will help and support me to improve my skills and my knowledge to pursue my interest doing art, drawing, and painting.

9th grade

Keyboard and sound equipment

One of my dreams is to be a musician, a singer, a music maker. Music is something huge for me. I don't think my life is beautiful if I'm without music. So I learned playing guitar by myself when I was 14 with an old guitar. My passion didn't stop there, I am using my guitar skills to learn to play piano by myself. I wanted to have a job to make some money to invest for my passion but I don't have time. I still have college class after school. I feel this grant [for a keyboard and sound equipment] helped learn a lot more about playing piano. I believe that it will change my life.

11th grade

Contribution to participate in school performance in New York

This grant will allow me to travel to New York with my school. This trip means a lot to me because ... my mom is a single mother … working in the fields, so she barely makes ends meet.  

12th grade

English resources

After I got this grant, I thought that I can be able to do it, I can be able to achieve everything in my life. I’m a new immigrant and my parents they don’t have much money to support for my education. Thanks ELAN for supporting me and be a part of my dreams to come true. This helps me improve my grades, I got all aced because I have a better understand in English. Also, I got student of the month because of my academic excellent. All of those things happen because of grant from ELAN.

11th grade

School supplies and study guides

This grant has changed my mindset about studying. Before I would make excuses not to do my homework or study, but now I have no reason not to. I'm also excited to study because I get to use my awesome school supplies that I didn't have before. This grant, it means a whole lot to me. Throughout the process of submitting and confirming my application, I felt deeply grateful and happy that I get this opportunity.

10th grade

Books and school supplies

This grant helped with my child's learning and studying. She seems more motivated to do her schoolwork. This grant not only provided her with the things she wished for, it gave her motivation. Usually she would never read for pleasure and find it hard to get sucked into books, but now I often see her carrying a book everywhere she goes and actually enjoying them.


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